Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Aloe Vera

Why free?? Well I never paid for mine.. Sunboy's dad gave us a couple of pots awhile back which now have turned into 6 pots, some having more them 2 plants in pot and baby piece's are growing, that I can pull out with root form at the base of the mature plant ready to pot up again. I am now the Aloe Vera queen and I would love to give some plants a way.

Aloe Vera is great to apply to burns and cuts as the ultra soothing gel forms a protective seal and speeds up healing process in skin by more than 8 days Whoa! This magical plant can also be used on eczema, rashes and cold sore. For those who suffer with dry scalp it can be used to treat dandruff, just rub into scalp. Best used fresh as the gel loses its potency quickly.

I love my plants, haven't used them for anything to extreme just when I burn a finger while cooking and rubbing into my hands and face making them feel super soft. Sunboy & I also love aloe vera juice.. the plant tastes very yucky cut from plant (I've tried) but the juice yummy, is said to help support digestive system and promoting healthy digestion as it contains 99% of the plants juices and more than 200 vitamins, amino acids and minerals that human bodies need. I plan to research how to make it myself if its possible, Sunboy and I would live of aloe vera and ginger beer.

Aloe Vera to me is a wonder plant.. so if you would like one please let me know :)

Song x


  1. I would ask you for one but I'm sure I'll end up killing itª!

    1. haha Aloe vera plants are really easy to maintain.. just a pot, sunshine & water now and then.. they are a succulent so they don't really die if you forget to water them.

  2. I love Aloe vera plants! And I like them in those cans, what a great idea

    Thanks for stopping by earlier, I followed you back!

  3. I never knew what an Aloe Vera plant looked like till now!

    I found your blog through followers to friends from I am Pisces blog. I am now following you. :) http://toritherebelangel.blogspot.com/

  4. As someone who burns really easily, AloeVera was a life saver growing up!
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  5. Hey I saw this blog in my blog hop and thought you might like it! x

  6. Wish I lived nearby! They are great for the skin!

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