Friday, July 20, 2012

Childhood Memories

It felt like summer never ended in my childhood, I was always outdoors; riding my bike, climbing trees, finding snails(i called them snonails) living in the bbq & having snail races, popping tar bubbling in the melting heat, clap squashing late flies in the twilight skies. Many days spent at the school with my friends(who we all lived just doors down from each other) making nests in the freshly mowed grass, making up dances to my dads record collection in the garage, eating fruit straight off the trees and making lemonade. Swimming and playing mermaids. Endless days spent at the beach with family making huts and again climbing trees. I was  that child with bruised knees and dirty feet. 
Family camping trips, smelly long drops which I was thought I would fall down, rabbit whole hunting, stuffing our blow up bed with grass after it sprung a leak, stone collecting I would take a container home filled with such pretty stones and shells.. my favorite were these white ones with one flat side with a spiral. Our dads coming back from fishing with crabs, I remember crying because I didn't like them near me. The older cousins floating us younger cousin on lilo beds.
These memories I treasure, I miss those days. As a child it was so easy to be carefree and wild. As we got older everyone changes to try and fit in somewhere.. I lost myself for awhile but since I have Jackson in my life I get to enjoy all those little things again, even if its not through those little eyes. Now I just want to create memories like these for him. This blog is mine & Tama's journey to a simpler kinder lifestyle.

Come back to read Sunboy childhood memories :)

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