Saturday, July 21, 2012

Remember to Explore

Explore is so easy to do just go outside, try look in your street/neighbor hood, local park, car-park, gardens, lake, beach, river, woods/forest. As a family we have always explored our natural environments, rock pools, trees, and going to sanctuary to explore animals up close although we don't agree on caged animals. 
While your exploring you can collect memories of your finding, through photographs, taking home cutting of leaves & flowers for pressing, rub printing, or putting on display on your nature table.
The great thing about the natural world is that it never stops. 
There's always something to do and explore.
You don't have to leave your house to explore nature. First try exploring your backyard; climb a tree,  listen to songbirds at dawn, watch caterpillars change into butterflies, growing your own fruit and veggies or even just sit watch and listen to the natural world (best to do this somewhere quite) . There's are only a few thing you can do to explore your backyard. Just go outside and have fun.

Song x

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